We've given Twitter flak in the past for taking millions in tax cuts and giving back to its neighbors in questionable ways. But a new partnership with a homeless care group looks like the real deal.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports the details of Twitter's latest charitable move, which looks more substantial than some freebie sponsored tweets:

Twitter will partner with a nonprofit serving San Francisco's homeless families to design a learning center where company employees will teach tech skills to some of the city's poorest residents.

The microblogging company's investment in the learning center, dubbed the Twitter Neighborhood Nest, will be "north of $1 million" over the course of the multiyear partnership, Colin Crowell, Twitter vice president of global public policy, told The Chronicle.

"This will be a major breakthrough for our families," said Erica Kisch, executive director of Compass Family Services, which serves 3,500 homeless families. "To make it in the world today, just to make it through school, you need these skills."

There's no way to scoff at a million bucks for poor kids.

Photo: Getty