The newest updates to Twitter's "Developer Guidelines" have consequences for regular people, too. But it's likely that some of the pros who make our precious Twitter apps know what changed, because the company dropped its update late at night before the 4th of July.

Issuing an announcement when most people are asleep (or out drinking) before a national holiday is usually reserved for news like "our CEO is leaving" or "your parents are divorcing," mundane rule changes. And they are mundane—just an incremental tightening of rules that already exist, banning things like auto-follows from Twitter robots. Not so bad. So why bury it all? These things are always deliberate, and do nothing to counter Twitter's reputation as a company that's not really friendly to its community—and that community notices:

Tonight's big decision: 1) Read Twitter's updated API guidelines sneakily released right before a holiday or, 2) punch myself in the face?

— Jason Kottke (@jkottke) July 4, 2013