Tim Draper, by any cursory Wikipedia skim, is a successful man. He's reaped enough through his venture capital endeavors to create his own zany vanity "school," where wannabe Zuckerbergs and Brit Morins pay ten grand apiece to learn startup brilliance. It sounds even crazier when you hear him speak:

NPR's Tom Ashbrook recently sat down with Draper for a terrific interview, in which the latter, without fear or hesitation, lays bare almost every Silicon Valley platitude. He's a treasure, Tim Draper, to be able to talk about "change agents" and every tech cliche in Christendom without cracking up. He talks like he really does believe that his geek boarding school produces "heroes" of the same caliber as "soldiers and firefighters," and that anyone who opposes the Disruption Regime favors "socialism."

He says things like:

"We're looking at promoting heroes, how to build entrepreneurs from the ground up...

"We don't teach history, we teach future."

"My brand and my reputation are paramount."

Listen to the entire thing here when you have a chance—it's always worth remembering that there are real people like this, and they often have the money to get their way.

[h/t Kevin Roose]