While you were watching our national twerking nightmare unfold on your TV last night, venture capitalist Shervin Pishevar was backstage at the VMAs making his daughter's birthday dream come true.

But rubbing shoulders with Miley Cyrus is hardly the Silicon Valley fixture's first brush with fame. Pishevar is a board advisor to Uber, has invested in Fab.com, Warby Parker, Tumblr, and helped Menlo Ventures team up with Lady Gaga's talent manager for its $20 million Menlo Talent Fund:

All decisions will be made within 24 to 72 hours, and investments will range between $50,000 and $1 million and can be made without all partners buying in, he said.

There will also be what Pishevar described as a “Jedi Council” with mentors, advisors and investors including Troy Carter, founder of music management company Atom Factory, who manages Lady Gaga and other artists.

Because nothing says due diligence like gimme a day to think about it.

Pishevar caused some commotion when he gave up his role as managing partner at Menlo after a scant 20 months to launch an incubator. But in our hearts, he'll always be the first VC we ever spotted on TMZ.

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