You might know Jesse Draper's dad as that very rich, possibly insane man who's trying to divide California into six smaller states. His daughter is trying to destroy our society in a much more modest way: a public access talk show called Valley Girl.

Up until now, Valley Girl was a YouTube-only affair, drawing audiences on par with covers of "Hey There Delilah" people record on their webcams. Not exactly a blockbuster, despite A-list tech guests (Sheryl Sandberg, Elon Musk, etc.) or tech royalty status—basically a cast of Dad's friends who were nice enough to sit in this chair. But now the generous people at Cox are going to give Draper a shot, Recode reports:

The new 30-minute show will be available to about five million households in Northern California and Seattle by June, but there are plans to expand to new markets and more households after that, said Draper. Draper — who has does angel investing and also has a book she is working on for 2015 — would not say how much Cox is giving her as part of the production deal.

This sounds suspiciously like one of those local cable distribution deals that lets you watch high school volleyball and people talking about Lizard People takeover conspiracy theories, so calling it nepotism might really be too kind. Let's just be glad she isn't working for her father.