We all know about Marco Arment's "not yacht rich" fortunes from Yahoo's microblog bailout, but what about the venture moneybags? How did the investors get in return for writing checks? A lot.

Crain's reports a series of whopping windfalls for firms like Union Square Ventures, which pulled a 5,000% return of $253 million—that's more than David Karp himself (with around $250 million).

The others?

Sequoia Capital - $176 million (700% return)

Spark Capital - $77 million (4,000% return)

Don't forget the people who sat at desks:

The company's first 10 employees will receive an average of $6.2 million in cash; the first 30 will receive an average of $3.3 million in cash, and the rest of the 178 employees will each receive $371,000.

These are probably just rough estimates, but still, enjoy your day job.

Update: According to PrivCo, which compiled these estimates, the employee data is based on "median" numbers.

Update 2: PrivCo emailed in an explanation of its tally:

Update 3: Fred Wilson calls these numbers "total garbage." Given PrivCo's previous financial fuckups, it's certainly possible.