The only thing more expensive than a duplex is a triplex, and that's exactly what Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss just shelled out for, the New York Observer reports: just an ordinary, 4,300 Manhattan condo for two 32-year-old men to both live in.

The Observer noticed the purchase after matching the buyer's address to another Winklevoss operation:

The buyers, going in city records by the name Casterlirock Holdings LLC, give a business address in Delaware shared by Cameron and Tyler Winkveloss' Bitcoin fund Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust.

Bitcoin and a Game of Thrones reference? Don't let their faces and arms fool you: these monozygotic dudes are nerds. Curbed wonders if "they're actually planning on living out a sitcom by moving in together or something," but given that the two currently share a New York apartment, there's no reason to believe they're going to split up this time around.