Wired editor in chief Scott Dadich, is an anal retentive neat freak organized and highly creative fellow who recently sent a memo to the filthy, slobby, disgusting hacks on the magazine's editorial staff explaining a list of rules about how they were to behave in their brand-new office space. Someone leaked it to The Awl.

The rules include: no coffee stains; no lamps that aren't the lamps provided by Wired; not too many photos of family and friends on your desk; no "content" left on your desk at night when you go home; no action figures. "Please. WIRED is no longer a pirate ship," Dadich declares, adding that it is now "the West Coast home of Conde Nast."

I don't know Scott Dadich, but I've always suspected that he is not quite fully human — that he might, in fact, be a cyborg. I got this impression from this video he made in 2010. It's something about his voice: