Business Insider got its hands on a pitch deck from Tumblr that promises brands will be "front and center" through in-stream ads that look like normal posts, as opposed to David Karp's insistence on restricting ads to only the "Radar" and "Spotlight" sections of the platform. But upset otherkins don't have Yahoo to blame.

The ads are in "beta," according to a copy of the sales pitch deck obtained by BI. The program was clearly in the works prior to the Yahoo deal.

Rather, Tumblr's suddenly aggro approach to advertising, which could show up your dashboard "as soon as tomorrow," according to BI, seems like the natural course for a company with only six month of cash in the bank. In fact, Marissa Mayer's promise "not to screw things up" might even buy Tumblr a reprieve from rolling out the beta test too quickly.

Wonder how Tumblr's failed attempt to raise a Series F would have fared if they had tried something like this sooner.

Update: A commenter pointed out that Tumblr has already been showing in-stream ads, sooner than BI said the beta test would begin. The Awl's Choire Sicha says he's seen these in-stream ads for the past couple weeks to a month and provided a screenshot from about two weeks ago (below). "Yes I screenshotted a juxtaposition because I lol'd."

Quartz says in-stream ads on desktops will start running on June 1. Tumblr mobile users have been seeing "up to four" in-stream ads on their iPhone and Android apps a day, "differentiated with a dollar-sign icon with beams shooting out of it."

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