Today, after three years and enough gaffes to keep food on my plate, Clinkle released a single thing to the public. Like some long, long journey to the frontier, the people we are upon arrival don't really resemble who we were when we departed.

What was supposed to be a method for transmitting payments from your smartphone using ultrasonic waves now looks like it's just some sort of pre-paid debit card program? I'm honestly not sure, and I don't blame Clinkle if they forgot what they were trying to put together, either:

At any rate, it's some kind of money thing for your phone.

I don't know where we go from here. No one expected this to happen. Maybe people will use this pre-paid debit card? That's not any less plausible than the original premise of Clinkle, or the word "Clinkle" itself. What do we do now that we share a world with Clinkle? What happens tomorrow when we wake up in that world? We don't know, but as a thank-you for all the good times and better laughs, we pitched in and got Clinkle a Starbucks gift card:

I hope it arrives on time—I wasn't certain where to send it ever since the company fled its office space.