Sometimes it feels like your day is going too well, you know? Like the other shoe has to drop. Here's a shoe filled with bad nouns: it's from the Wall Street Journal, it's about investors, Manhattan, startup people, and... an "all-tech" a cappella group.

I'm going to copy and paste two things from the WSJ post so you don't have to read it:

Here's the first one:

Their Silicon Alley experience has taught them the value of adapting to their audience. The group changed some of the lyrics to the singer Lady Gaga’s ballad “You and I” to reflect the oft-fraught relationship between entrepreneurs and investors.

Here's the second one:

Changing the lyrics of a love song to reflect the laments of an unfunded venture isn’t the only bit of tech geek that seeps into the group’s way of doing things. They have a Dropbox for all of their recordings, and song choices are decided through a complicated voting procedure that involves an Excel spreadsheet.

Excel! These wacky geeks. Here is the group, called NYC#, captured in a Vine. Remember this moment to recount to your children when you're sitting in a bomb shelter someday. Yes, son, the world above... the world above used to be beyond your imagination...