The anonymous app Secret is good for bragging about polyamorous deviances, lifting the veil on #crushit culture, and now getting a job with a powerful venture capitalist.

Last night a Secret user asked their feed to "dish" about Keith Rabois' new company, an eBay for houses. Within an hour or so, someone claiming to be Rabois joined in the conversation—under the randomly assigned green skull icon—and told the anonymous poster: "You should join our team." Rabois also gave out his email and encouraged other anonymous commenters to apply for a job at his startup, which is going by Homerun as a "code name" and will "allow you to sell your home instantly online."

Rabois confirmed to Valleywag by email that it was indeed him. "To be clear, the original post is not 100% accurate, but as TheInformation covered about a month ago I am co-founding a new company while at Khosla Ventures." Rabois joined Khosla last February, a month after leaving his role as COO of Square over sexual harassment claims from an unnamed male junior staffer. Rabois had been in a personal and physical relationship with the employee and Square backed Rabois under threat of a lawsuit.

Perhaps it's not such a stretch to tease jobs on Secret, which secured a $40 million valuation (and $10 million in venture capital) a mere five weeks after its launch. After all, recruiting can get desperate and chances are awfully high that the tweety bird or poop icon you're chatting with on Secret already works in tech, or at least has a Silicon Valley state-of-mind.

Like many threads on Secret, the discussion is more interesting than the post. Watch commenters salivate over Rabois' plans to disrupt the housing market by selling used homes online. There must be something in the water. Today Pando reported the existence of a "Tinder for home buying."

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