On Facebook this afternoon, Upworthy cofounder Eli Pariser posted the kind of depressing tale you'd never find on his own site. The cringe-inducing interaction took place at the Soho outpost of WeWork, a money-minting company that capitalized on the coworking craze.

Overheard in WeWork Soho, to Latina lady: "We're about to launch our website, and we need a picture of our support team, but we need some diversity — we're all just white dudes. Would you be willing to post as part of our team?"

In the comments, Pariser said he didn't hear the name of the company, but he did overhear the white dude cabal trying to conscript this poor bystander into their diversity fakeout:

It was pretty awkward. She was very reluctant to do it, but they convinced her in the end.

No, of course she wasn't even paid for her time. If you want an uplifting ending, there's another place for that.

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[Image via Facebook]