One success never guarantees another: Chad Hurley, who helped bring the world YouTube, is bombing once again. His video-sharing service MixBit is dead following legal threats by Kanye West, and the parent company, Avos, is firing almost everyone. Updated:

Update: Chad Hurley tweeted the following saying that MixBit is not "shutting down," but no comment yet about gutting its staff.

We received the following from a tipster, which a new VentureBeat report corroborates:

[Avos] evidently shuttered the US office (in San Mateo), firing all employees and giving 2 weeks severance. Two offices are to remain open.

Those other offices are in Beijing and New Zealand—who knows what they're working on at this point, given that almost every other Avos project is a dud.

So, goodbye MixBit. We'll always forget you as that app that got Kanye West to sue the co-founder of YouTube.

No one from MixBit replied for comment.

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