Silicon Valley's cushy private buses epitomize the area's social tension: rich white people get driven around with air conditioning, poor non-whites get higher rent, and not much else. So how about an anti-bus, anti-tech gentrification protest?

It could've been a nice display of solidarity with everyone who loses during the great silicon gold rush, but instead, the SF "rally," held in what TechCrunch's Josh Constine describes as "one of the dirtiest in the city," ended up as the Path of civil disobedience:

All that could be found around 2:30 in the afternoon were roughly 30-40 people surrounding an open-mic, a dozen or so taking advantage of the free food situation, about a million cops stationed around the neighborhood, and no visible smashings of the Google Bus piñata. The scent of sage was strong, but the revolution was falling short.

Uptown Almanac's Kevin Montgomery says, nonetheless, cops busted the whole thing up. No buses home were provided.