After years of international anti-fashion icon status and getting married in his own back yard, the NASDAQ Prince might be scaling up: he just bought four homes directly next to his.

The Silicon Valley Business Journal and San Jose Mercury News report Zuck paid "more than $30 million in total" for the four new plots on the 1400 block of Hamilton Avenue in Palo Alto. It's unclear what the long-term plans are for the properties, but for now it seems like a defensive measure: Zuck heard that of "a developer's plan to buy one of the properties next door" and cash in on its proximity to the CEO. For now, he'll just play landlord to the existing tenants.

The properties are all held through shell companies and trusts, which is typical for someone like Zuck—1451 Hamilton Ave "is registered to RBLKT LLC which, in turn, goes to an address shared with Iconiq Capital," says real estate service Trulia. Two of Iconiq's biggest clients are Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, and it's highly unlikely Sheryl bought a house directly next to Mark, sitcom material notwithstanding.

It's also unlikely, for now, that Zuck is going to bulldoze these modest homes and build Beast a giant dog house. Today, the guy just wants some privacy.