Years ago, pundits wondered if Zynga would become the Google of games. Now it's starting to look more like the Wall Street Journal reports that the Zynga's quarterly losses are up nearly 84,000 percent from last year.

For the three-month period ended Sept. 30, Zynga said it lost $57.1 million, or six cents a share, compared with a loss of $68,000, or less than a penny a share, in the same period a year earlier.

Zynga's shares peaked in early 2012 on the success of its original Web-based titles tied to Facebook, such as "Farmville." But as consumers have shifted to games based on smartphones and tablets, Zynga has failed to generate a similar hit. Its shares have fallen more than 80% from those 2012 highs.

$57.1 million! Zynga was barely losing any money in the summer of 2013, and that was when it gutted its workforce by 18 percent. Now, a whole year later, Zynga is losing money at a rate of $19 million a month.

Maybe Zynga should have held off on paying their new CEO around $50 million in cash and stock?

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