As the internet shit its collective denim pants yesterday upon news of Snapchat's Facebook refusal, there were some outliers—very prominent outliers. You might think two 23-year-olds refusing three billion dollars is lunacy, but these tech insiders think you're the crazy one.

The Snapfrat boys aren't being reckless and insane—you're just a pussy. Soak in some Silicon Valley knowledge:

MG Siegler, former TechCrunch blogger and current Google investor:

Box CEO Aaron Levie, with some wisdom pulled from a promotional seminar at a Marriott:

The "if you think this is crazy, you just don't get it" line of reasoning is popular, too:

A hero! Big words from Peter Pham, whose startup "Color" was one of the most hilarious failures in recent history:

Hollywood groupie Shervin Pishevar equates greed with bravery:

Dan Primack of Fortune wrote a whole article defending Snapchat, though admits he doesn't use the app himself:

Well of course you don't think it's crazy, Bill Gurley, you're a Snapchat investor:

And this just doesn't really mean anything:

What do all these startup Panglosses have in common? With very few exceptions, they're investors, whose meaning on this planet is justified only if turning down $3 billion with the hopes of more billions is considered rational. If greed on this scale isn't bonkers, but a virtue, then the whole thing keeps lurching forward without pausing to reflect on why a company that makes nothing is worth anything at all.

Photo by prc13333