Apple is joining the ranks of Silicon Valley powerhouses that disclosure their employee diversity statistics. The company claims to "Think Different," but their hiring reflects more of the same.

Apple's diversity report comes after months of younger tech firms released their demographic breakdowns. In those reports, from companies including Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and Twitter, tech titans revealed their staffs to be approximately 70 percent male, with a heavy male bias in leadership and technical positions. Apple's overall gender demographics match Google's and Twitters, and are less inclusive than Yahoo and Facebook.

The racial diversity of Apple's staff includes some of the more progressive numbers in the Valley—particularly when it comes to Hispanic employees. However, the company did not differentiate between corporate and retail employees in their report and it's likely that Apple's fleet of retail stores props up those ratios.

In a public statement, Apple's CEO Tim Cook acknowledges that the company has a long way to go before becoming a more diverse workplace. Emphasis added:

Apple is committed to transparency, which is why we are publishing statistics about the race and gender makeup of our company. Let me say up front: As CEO, I'm not satisfied with the numbers on this page. They're not new to us, and we've been working hard for quite some time to improve them. We are making progress, and we're committed to being as innovative in advancing diversity as we are in developing our products.

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