New York's many hotels are very "lamestream," very "conservative" and "traditional." The new best way to explore Silicon Alley is by renting this "cabin caravan," which is a fun way to describe a tiny plywood trailer located in a parking lot that has no running water.

It used to be that in order to literally live in a box, you had to actually be poor—but now the internet has democratized destitution. Just check out the amenities:

Small unusual cabin caravan in Manhattan's lower east side situated on a forested edge of a private lot with 24/7 security. Large windows and a skylight ensure an open and airy feel in the minimally furnished interior outfitted with a full sized bed, desk, lamp and kettle for making tea or coffee. Linens and blankets will be provided.

The cabin has no running water or toilet, there is a toilet on the property steps away.

Previous guests have used a convenient 24 hour gym to shower. Many gyms offer free 3-7 day trial passes that you can register for online ahead of time.

To be clear: there is no kitchen, living room, dining room, basement, bathroom, shower, or furniture. It is a box with a bed inside of it, inside a parking lot, another sort of larger box. The box's owner, whose name is "Nathallion," of course, even boasts that "all the windows shut and lock." And for almost $1,400 per month, I hope they do. If this sounds insane, or like the beginning of a murder, you might be surprised that plenty of people choose to live in this box in exchange for real money. They leave glowing reviews on Airbnb:

"No shower or 'kitchen' but there is a kettle (I made lots of cous cous) and plastic cutlery."

"Intermittent public internet could be picked up in the cabin. I had a great time during my month in the cabin and would stay again in a heartbeat."

"Once I got used to the morning gym routine and the oddness of cars parking and moving around me, I relaxed into it."

"Showers are nearby ($20 per person, per week) & there were two bikes to use. Really wonderful, all in all."

"This Airbnb place is certainly a unique one!"

"Prior to arriving, I realized that our biggest problem might be keeping all of our electronic devices charged, but there were outlets a plenty in the cabin, so no sweat."

No sweat: there is totally electricity inside this box. Big shoutout to the internet, which allows all sorts of masochistic optimists with disposable income to find this nutcase and his Box Cabin and live the Wooden Box Lifestyle. It's sort of weird that the New York City government has a problem with the legality of this sort of operation, right?