With fears of a tech bubble looming, what better tie-in for your company fête than... the period right before America's greatest financial disaster? Someone at AirBnb sure thinks so: mark your calendars for a boozy night on West Egg. This might be the most oblivious party in startup history.

The following invitation to AirBnb's "Gatsby-inspired soiree" in East Hampton has been mass-emailed to members of the press, promising them "wining, dining, entertainment & more!" Don't worry: "transportation will be provided," via New York's most bourgeois bus service, the Hampton Jitney. Upon arrival, you'll be able to dance and drink away your financial jitters in the enormous six-bedroom house at 59 Hither Lane, which recently sold for over $2.5 million.

Just don't make any quips about how The Great Gatsby is a tragic story of social and economic fraud. Someone from AirBnb might push you into the pool.

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