The of unregulated sublease bedrooms got a big makeover today, and thousands of words have been typed out over how it represents "community," "butts," "belonging," and or some other stuff, I don't know—who read this? It also represents a bad copy job.

I won't say Airbnb stole their logo from Automation Anywhere, a San Jose-based software company that predates Airbnb's graphic makeover, but their two yonic logos look the exact same. TechCrunch says Airbnb collaborated "in partnership with a U.K.-based design studio" just to make this new logo. And no one noticed it looked exactly like this other logo? That's even harder to believe than missing its resemblance to every part of your body you're supposed to cover on the beach.

Update: Airbnb and Automation Anywhere sent a joint statement to Valleywag that brushed off the similarities as a mere coincidence:

"In early 2014 both Airbnb and Automation Anywhere began use of new logos that, by coincidence, have similar designs. Airbnb and Automation Anywhere are working cooperatively to address this issue, and Automation Anywhere is in the process of transitioning to a new logo design that is not similar to the Airbnb logo."

Photo of Automation Anywhere's office via Facebook