We had really high hopes for Bravo's Silicon Valley reality show—vivid dreams of coders and VCs going topless in hot tubs, turning over tables, and getting arrested on airplanes. Instead, it was just vaguely annoying and mostly boring.

Amazon's fictional take on the Valley (yep, it produces TV shows now, too) looks totally unbearable.

The pilot—titled "Betas," because guys who work with software are all losers, y'see?—packs almost every conceivable tech cliche into 45 seconds of video. A guy writes on the wall, bubbles pop up on a map, there's an Indian kid who a white guy refers to as Tanto (!), an office Nerf gun fight, and some vaguely asperger-y guy pitching an investor. It's as uninspired as the culture it's trying to lampoon, which is a shame. Mike Judge's forthcoming SV series might be our last hope for the satire we deserve.