Uber has been connected to a number of sexual assaults and kidnappings this summer. The latest comes from Washington D.C., where an Uber driver stands accused of molesting a drunk passenger.

According to court documents obtained by the Washington City Paper, the victim was out partying with friends on the night of July 19th until she decided to go home early. Her friend requested an Uber and Reshad Ahmad Chakari, 32, picked up the victim. But instead of taking her back to the hotel that she was staying at, Chakari stopped the car, fondled her breasts, and fingered her genitals against her will:

In the affadavit, the woman says she passed out in the cab and that when she woke, the driver was rubbing her breasts. She then fell back asleep, according to court documents, and woke up again to the sound of car doors locking. The cab had stopped and the driver was feeling her breasts and pulling down her underwear down to her knees. She says she asked the driver to be let out of the vehicle, but he refused and at one point asked if he could go back to her hotel with her. In a follow-up interview with authorities, she said Chakari briefly penetrated her with his finger or another thin object.

During the alleged assault, the victim was able to text her friend that she was in trouble. The friend was able to call Chakari through the app, "startling" the driver. He then dropped the victim off at a nearby hotel.

Uber issued a statement to the Washington City Paper, saying that "the driver's account has been suspended and that the company is ready to assist authorities in the investigation."

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Photo: Adam Fagen