To the pronounced horror of some people who work at Google, a cadre of anti-tech-gentrification protestors today surrounded one of the company's private San Francisco shuttles, eventually smashing one of its windows.

From PandoDaily's account of the incident, which will surely become one of the Where were you? moments for those inside the coddled, gurgling startup scene:

The smashing of the Google bus window today marks the first time the anti-eviction movement has used physically aggressive tactics, although in May between 30 and 40 protesters in San Francisco's Mission district attacked a piñata in the form of a Google bus.

First they came for the piñatas. Naturally, Sarah Lacy is shocked and appalled by this display of barbarism:

As is other leading Silicon Valley thinker, Brit Morin:

There was a time when shocking people in positions of apparently unimpeachable power and influence to attain some political goal was considered "disruption," but that was long, long ago.

Photo via Craig Frost