True or false: thoughts? Trick question, because the answer is leadership. How many iPhones would it take to fill up Tim Cook's duffel bag? Another trick: he hasn't owned a bag since 1999. One last question: do you have what it takes to land a job with a silly title?

Apple just posted a job listing for "Thought Leader," which, despite its name, is not an employee who leads their own thoughts or the thoughts of others. It actually just sounds like a sort of dull analytical position:

The Thought Leader is expected to work closely with the Worldwide iPhone Sales, Finance, BPR and IS&T teams in order to drive the conceptualization, evaluation and execution of critical sale reporting projects on time and within business expectations.

But don't worry—there's still a lovely, delicate layer of BS beneath this otherwise mundane position:

The ideal candidate for the position will have extensive experience working with global companies with a strong global mindset and a solid understanding of cultural differences.


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h/t Rebecca Williams