WalletHub is a social network where people can share information about credit cards and personal finance. The company has a logo that features the letter W, in white, on a green background. Not so fast, says Major League Baseball. In a classic jocks-versus-nerds standoff, the baseball guys claim that the WalletHub logo looks too much like the W logos trademarked by the Washington Nationals and by the Chicago Cubs. People might get confused! As the Washington Post reports, there are lots of other companies that use W in their logos, like Walgreens, W hotels, and Wilson sporting goods. But they're not getting hassled by Major League Baseball.

Odysseas Papadimitriou, who runs WalletHub, says the whole thing about people getting confused is bullshit. "We have been using it for two years plus and no one calls us and says, 'Hey, I would like tickets for the Nationals.'"