Not only do you not need to make money to be deemed a worthy investment, you can be widely loathed: Bitstrips, an online "web comic" and Facebook annoyance so bad, BuzzFeed made a guide to blocking it.

TechCrunch reports Bitstrips just pulled together a $3 million investment round, which will propel the inane coloring book for manbabies indefinitely toward the future:

Bitstrips has been on a bit of a tear lately, too: In the past two months alone, users have created over 30 million avatars on the service. The idea is that you use the app to create an avatar (which sort of resembles a Nintendo Mii) to use in comics that can be assembled quickly using pre-made elements via an easy-to-understand composer. You can use your friends, too, and the team pumps out new scenes daily so it appeals to a group with a wide range of creative impulses.

The cartoons, self-propagating like badly drawn ebola, continues to sweep through news feeds, unwanted, and undaunted. And boy, you know a startup is shitty when a TechCrunch writer openly fantasizes about murdering its creators:

The old thought experiment asks: If you could travel back in time to prevent someone's birth who would be capable of great evil, would you do it? Admittedly, sometimes while browsing Facebook I wrestle with this myself when I think about Bitstrips and its founders Dorian Baldwin, Jacob Blackstock, Shahan Panth and David Kennedy.

Will this be the first company Sarah Lacy dislikes?