It's open season on open floor plans, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. At least two startups reported break-ins costing thousands of dollars of electronics. One of the companies, BuildZoom, caught the female burglar on tape.

David Petersen, the founder of BuildZoom, posted the video on YouTube, promising a $1,000 reward for her apprehension:

The BuildZoom office at 650 Mission Street in San Francisco was burglarized on Sunday, July 6th, at 7:02 am.

This person has burglarized at least two other offices in SOMA, and was spotted attempting to break into our building about 2 weeks ago by our cleaners. We believe that she had a copy of a key to our unit.

I will personally pay $1000 to the first person to identify this woman. If you have any idea who it is, please email Thank you!

She came back 20 minutes later to steal more, but our alarm went off and scared her away:

p.s. Thanks Dropcam

The Chronicle says Demand Local, which has an office a few blocks from BuildZoom, also has surveillance footage of their break-in. A police spokesperson told the paper there was no increase in reported incidents in the Financial District and SOMA. But after comparing the footage, one Demand Local employee "wondered if both showed the same person."

The real mystery, however, is why San Franciscans are still wearing bootcut jeans.

Update: BuildZoom's David Petersen reached out to Valleywag this weekend:

It looks like this woman has burglarized a few other offices in the last week. I have some new pictures of her breaking into another SF office here.

One of the photos show the woman returning with "an accomplice." According to BuildZoom, which is now offering a $2,500 reward, she's become quite the key master:

It appears that this woman is breaking into SF startups with a specific brand of keycode entry system. She has obtained a master key and is able to enter any office with this [system]

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