Enjoy your life this very moment, because there is real suffering in the world: a tipster tells us LinkedIn's luxury shuttle is suffering from a mechanical failure. Its riders are sitting on the curb—will they have to interact with the homeless? How will they get to Mountain View?

The stranded LinkedIn shuttle-rider adds: "The Apple bus just drove by us in our moment of need and DIDN'T EVEN STOP TO HELP" Pretty screwed up. Please send your prayers towards San Francisco if they aren't headed that way already.

Update: "We were hoping to get picked up by one of the other commuter shuttles (google or apple or someone) but the assholes left is [sic] high and dry"

Update 2: No fatalities reported, but "people were mostly just annoyed that we were stranded on a random corner of the Castro," and "everyone's hungry!"

Update 3: A new bus has arrived: but it might not be a smooth ride. The seats on this jitney "Aren't as soft. A little hard to be honest. There's more leg room though."