The backlash against Silicon Valley's covert right wing boosterism just picked up a little more speed: Josh Miller, the young chief of Twitter chat system Branch, is calling Zuck out.

There's nothing complicated about this once you dip a foot beneath the surface: Mark Zuckerberg is spending out of both sides of his pocket through He sings "immigration reform" as code for cheap labor, and then greases GOP wheels with buried campaign contributions and obscure websites. Many big figures in the Valley have looked the other way, kept their mouths shut—or hell, joined in directly.

Not Miller:

In service of noble causes, is employing questionable lobbying techniques, misleading supporters, and not being transparent about the underlying values and long-term intentions of the organization. More discouragingly, the leaders of the technology industry (and of have built their careers on bringing meaningful change to the world. They should be doing the same in Washington.

[...]' lobbying strategy, though pitched as "pragmatic" and "smart" by Beltway insiders, is typically only practiced by large pharmaceutical companies, gun manufacturers, and the like.

[...] effectively bribes politicians by saying, "Vote with us on this controversial issue, and we'll remind your constituents why you're great on some other issue they care about — any issue."