If necessity isn't the mother of invention, it's at least the mother of some inane DIY nonsense: Brit Morin, damned to an eternity of glue-gunning for sins in a past life, drew inspiration for her latest project from her startup's new digs. And this time, it's helpful—are you tired of walking through glass doors, too?

It's safe to say we all are. And speaking of "safe," you'll feel very safe after you festoon your glass doors with colored tape:

Ever since we moved into our dream office space, we’ve run into one major problem…literally. Since almost every room is divided by sliding glass doors, some members of team Brit + Co. (including our office pooch, Porter) have had unfortunate run-ins with these see-through dividers. Ouch!

Obviously we needed some sort of stylish red flag to eliminate these embarrassing encounters, so we turned to our trusty friend washi tape to decorate our doors so they pop. Not only is it saving our faces, but it’s kind of the easiest upgrade ever!

Kind of. You can conveniently buy washi tape from Brit + Co's store in a $20 kit that comes with some lollipop sticks and other scraps. You can also just spray paint a giant "WATCH OUT!" message on your glass doors for cheaper. But tape has a bonus:

The super cool thing about doing this DIY on glass is that the tape is visible on both the front and back of the doors.

When you have $6 million in venture funding, your startup has plenty of time to sit around and figure out that glass is transparent.