Futurist and Senior Vice President for Doily Engineering Brit Morin is resorting to a very unglamorous tactic to grow her company: sending out old fashioned spammy text messages. DI-Yuck!

The above was sent to us by a tipster, who received the message twice in one day, and has no idea why:

Myself and a bunch of my friends got these random text messages on Sunday night asking us to download Brit's app. The weird thing is, no one knows HOW she/they got our numbers. I got the message twice, some friends four times and one friend seven times so far since Sunday.

None of us have ever opted into anything she's done so it's all a bit...peculiar.

The only thing sweeter than a cookie hack is a husband and wife team who send obnoxious unsolicited messages for their over-hyped startups together.