Dear Diary/God/All Y'all Makers out there. PHEW. What a year! It has been full of blessings, Washi tape, pretzels with googly eyes on them, Velcro™, 3D printed spheres (put 'em on a bowl!) and doilies used for various things the Lord did not intend them for. But we reached the end, and have so much to be grateful for, so let's peep all the memories we "made" together. ;)

To say this was a big year to be me, startup CEO Brit Morin, would be hitting the proverbial comb with a hammer. Which is to say, right on! Haha. My media and lifestyle startup moved into a spacious new office, I walked into a window, got a book deal, and made a dart board out of stuff that's basically garbage. SO COOL. We were also SUPER blessed with six million "DIY dollars" (I like to call them that even when they're just real dollars!) in venture capital. WOW. Some stinkers said this was "crazy" or meant we were in a "tech bubble," to which I say, DIY-ya-gotta-hate?? First of all, bubbles are cool as heck, and REALLY easy to make. You can make a bubble just by dipping an old yoga mat into soap and blowing on it. LOVE it. For more on making bubbles, click this link! SO obsessed.

OK, so what made 2013 rock so hard? Where can ya even start? ;) (BTW, check out these sleepover chic wine stoppers MADE OUT OF ROCKS!! Ravenswood goes down better with a little glitter, amirite ladies?)

Here are my favorite Mega Maker Moments:

1. I showed y'all how to write words on a jar, which is simply cool as heck IMO. Stenciling is the new green (Black is an evil color, witches, spooky cats, etc. #fail)

I wrote "MEOW" on my jar, because why not???

2. Ever wanted to tape a buncha stuff to your wall but didn't know how well here's how, just get tape! Tape FTW, as I always say. I also say "always be taping," among other tape slogans. ;)

3. Whoa cool... it's Brit!

4. Did you know not everyone gets to go to kindergarten? I think that's real messed up, so here's an article about how to make candles out of crayons. (LIFEHACK ALERT: Do NOT eat the crayons even though they look super yum)

5. You might think only computers can be "hacked" but you are wrong: in July we showed you how to hack bread, which is delicious and won't get you busted by the web cops ;-)

6. Not everyone is blessed enough to get millions of bux in investment money, so for the rest of y'all here is a way to make your own chalk. (sorry :( )

7. Why buy a new dress when you can just cut a bunch of holes in the dress ya already have? D-I-Yes please.


9. If you're allergic to trees or have weird jelly bones that prevent you from picking up trees just use WASHI TAPE and you can take a tree to your wall. Magic?? No, just good crafting. (…)

10. I literally have no idea what washi tape is but they keep sending me threatening letters here's how to make little flags out of washi tape?? ( Ya!

11. Can ya 3D print ice cream? Nope, not YET. ;)

12. One man's trash is another man's new fireplace—or a dress! Or a coaster! #win

13. The teachers said BRIT, YA CANT COME BACK TO SCHOOL IF YA KEEP EATING THE CRAYONS and I said #fail, but now look, I teach my own class in Photoshop! #hugewin Also check out those cuffs—OBSESSED.

I hate to end on #13 (unlucky, big #fail) so here are my resolutions for 2014, which I am PRETTY darn sure will be the "Year of The Maker."

1. Kites made out of headbands

2. More apps

3. Install Path (poor dave :( )

4. Can u make a centerpiece out of yogurt and LEDs? Prob

5. Find more #wins in the #makerspace

6. Just be yourself

7. Dance like no one's watching

8. Perfect my wax spoon recipe

9. 3D printer + felt + love = ??

10. What is washi tape :(

See ya in the new D-I-Year!!

**NOTE TO BRIT MORIN: You did not actually write this.