It's a good thing luxury RVs are on the rise among Burning Man fans: the whole dust-and-MDMA bonanza is rained out because of shitty weather.

Organizers say a freak rainstorm is to blame, and local cops are turning burners away at the gate of Black Rock City:

This means a whole bevy of San Francisco geeks, CEOs, and old-fashioned unfortunate-white-people-with-dreadlocks are now stuck in Reno, a fate perhaps worse than whatever tacky art-hell they were prepared to erect in the desert. When will it be dry enough to start building geodesic domes, drink iced coffee, and look for celebs on Segways?

The reaction on Twitter is a mix of disappointment and sadistic joy:

Our thoughts are with the residents of Reno, and Nitasha Tiku.

Top image of Burning Man IRL via