It's odd to have a decent answer to "What was the worst ____?," but Color was the worst app. It did nothing amid fanfare, secured $41 million in order to accomplish this nothing, and then it just evaporated without warning. An obscene, expensive pixel farce. Watch its creator try to explain a startup Bay of Pigs.

Head to around the four minute mark in this PandoDaily video so you can avoid four minutes of jackasses screaming over one another and the sound of clanking forks—Color co-founder Peter Pham eventually talks startup downfall.

His explanation isn't totally satisfying—basically, the guy who was supposed to create the product never ended up really doing it, the app launched anyway while gloating over its offensive $41 million backing, the team stopped talking, and then Apple bought a bunch of them up. Fin. It's sort of like they just got a big sack of money and then didn't bother doing much else.

But Pham is one of those charmed Valley characters that can walk away from a nuclear-botched attempt at a business like this unscathed. He still has his money, his smile, and the short attention span of the internet—how many people even think about Color anymore?