Yahoo's newest blogger sat down for a brief interview with Forbes, and he's bursting with energy and candor—who knows which camcorders he'll help us set up at his new corporate home? The future is a thrill. He won't, however, talk about any of his ethical problems.

Pogue tries to make it clear he's going to Yahoo! because he's a throbbing rod of enthusiasm, but has no ill feelings for the New York Times:

No, I wasn’t thinking of leaving The Times. I loved it there. I figured I’d stay forever, if they’d let me!

If they'd let me, indeed. Pogue's admitting more than he lets on—his departure from the Times was certainly not all his idea—the move was "effective immediately" as of yesterday, and comes after years of tension between the paper and Pogue. The veteran user manual poet was supposed to be canned in 2011, but when Jill Abramson assumed control of the Times, she didn't want one of her first acts to be the ousting of a prominent columnist. Pogue's coasted—despite repeatedly taking conflict-prone paid speaking engagements with PR firms, and even marrying into a PR firm—ever since. No longer. So, naturally, he's happy about a looser leash at Yahoo:

I’m a giant vat of creative juices. I have no interest in the stress, administrative, and red tape of creating a whole new outfit.

It doesn't seem like he's interested in dealing with the ethical scrutiny (however permissive) of the Times, either. When Forbes' Jeff Bercovici asks Pogue about his conflicts of interest going forward, he says nothing, and a Yahoo! rep is quoted in his stead. Who has room for integrity when you're full of so much juice?