If artificial general intelligence can be achieved, it will change just about everything in our world. But could it kill capitalism?

That is the argument presented by Laurent Alexandre, a French surgeon and avid transhumanist — the name for people who believe humans and computers are going to merge.

Artificial intelligence could cause another significant casualty: money. In our meritocratic societies, the difference in intellectual abilities are, rightly or wrongly, the primary reason for the wage and capital gap. But AI would break this very notion. Eventually, human intelligence will be ridiculous compared to that of machines. So the question is, in such a world will we accept that some people earn 1,000 times more than others?

And this:

Besides, a society driven by artificial intelligence will be a society without work, which will render the mere function of money useless. If we're able to emulate a billion cancer scientists on an array of hard drives in a few seconds, what will be the value of a human oncologist?

The part about not having to work sounds good. Check out the full article on Wordcrunch.