Google Glass has a habit of changing people. Not only does it turn wearers into hysterical assholes, American doctors say Glass caused one man to become an addict.

According to The Guardian, scientists believe a navy serviceman is the first-ever patient to suffer from Glass-triggered internet addiction disorder:

The man had been using the technology for around 18 hours a day – removing it only to sleep and wash – and complained of feeling irritable and argumentative without the device. In the two months since he bought the device, he had also begun experiencing his dreams as if viewed through the device's small grey window.

The 31-year-old serviceman originally checked himself in for alcohol abuse. But doctors found that his face computing habit was harder to break.

Doctors noticed the patient repeatedly tapped his right temple with his index finger. He said the movement was an involuntary mimic of the motion regularly used to switch on the heads-up display on his Google Glass.

He said he was "going through withdrawal from his Google Glass", Doan explained, adding: "He said the Google Glass withdrawal was greater than the alcohol withdrawal he was experiencing."

His doctors say the "rush" Glass gives users is to blame. It turns out that strapping a screen right in front of your eyeball can be risky if you have a "predisposition for addiction."

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