PayPal billionaire, electric car zealot, and one man NASA Elon Musk has had it with his L.A. commute on the 405. But instead of just bitching about it like the rest of us plebes, he says he'll pay out of pocket to get a massive lane-expanding project over with.

In an interview with the L.A. Times, Musk says he's ready to pony up "as a contribution to the city and my own happiness. If it can actually make a difference, I would gladly contribute funds and ideas. I've super had it." Funds and ideas. This would be the second time Musk's donated to the 405 public works project, although the last round was $50,000—and given the project's budget of over a billion dollars, he's probably going to have to dig a little deeper if he wants smooth driving anytime soon.

But he's already financing American space travel, so why not bankroll the Department of Transportation, too? [LA Times]