Billionaire robot-hater Elon Musk is known for having a pretty short temper and a pretty big ego. Which means he probably doesn't appreciate the fact that some website called CosmeSys used his images (above) in a post touting new hair replacement techniques, with the headline, "Elon Musk and New Technologies in Hair Transplant."

Bastards! Who are these pernicious pranksters? It appears that CosmeSys is a site where you can upload a photo of yourself, then see what various cosmetic treatments would do to your appearance, and then book an appointment with a doctor.

Have these people used Musk's images in what amounts to an advertisement? Sort of, but not quite — it's a blog post, not an ad. Though of course the site seems to exist solely to sell cosmetic procedures. Who knows? I'm no lawyer.

Musk isn't the only famous person whose images have been used on this site. The treatment page uses pictures of Barack Obama, Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin. Those people are almost as important as Musk, who runs Tesla and SpaceX.

For what it's worth, here's a video of Musk from 1999. He definitely does seem to have had some work done. And you know what? Good for him.

Elon Musk is 43 years old and terrified by artificial intelligence. He wants to colonize Mars.

[Images: CosmeSys]