Silicon Valley mega-corps like Google often target promising young men like Nicholas Rotundo, fresh from college. And sometimes those young men are terrorizing their classmates with a nude Gmail extortion scheme.

The Smoking Gun reports 23-year-old Rotundo is now facing federal heat for faking university medical studies, all in the name of creepily jerking off:

In a series of e-mails sent to the victim, Rotundo claimed to be conducting a"breast perception study," a research project that "involved the public's perception of different breast types." Candidates, he initially wrote, were "required to submit nude photographs of their breasts in order to be considered for participation in the study," which paid $4500. The sender's name on the e-mails from was "Women Study."

Making up a "breast perception study" sounds like a bad joke, but it was a very real nightmare for one University of Texas undergrad, who according to court documents, quickly found herself in the middle of a disgusting shakedown. After submitting four photographs of her breasts that she believed were for research purposes, she got this reply:

The FBI alleges Rotundo was behind all of these emails, and the many subsequent, menacing follow-ups she received:

Emails from this "" account said the defendant's pictures would make their way to Pinkmeth, a repository of stolen photos and revenge porn that operates much like AnonIB. Photos of other UT undergrads were found in Rotundo's possession during the investigation.

But unlike Pinkmeth, which has retreated into the darkweb and can only be accessed with the encrypted Tor browser, Rotundo seems to have made no efforts to hide his tracks—you'd think an "Internal Technology resident" at Google would know how easily the company would hand over his IP addresses when faced with a subpoena.

The Smoking Gun says Rotundo is facing multiple cyberstalking charges (and prison time), and until his day in court, is completely banned from using the internet. Almost everyone should be banned from using the internet.