In a recent interview with Forbes as part of their "30 Under 30" bonanza, the mag sat down and talked Facebook diplomacy with Evan Spiegel, the young, sorta-sociopathic chief executive of Snapchat. He tried to look cocky-confident, but with the truth out, he just looks like a cock.

Forbes originally wrote that Spiegel brushed off Mark Zuckerberg when he first approached the young founder: "[Spiegel] responded to his role model thusly: I'm happy to meet you… if you come to me." Wow! What a power move, young man! But Spiegel didn't like telling, and snapped at a Business Insider reporter who'd repeated the "arrogant" account:

Spiegel then shared a screenshot of his email exchange with The Zuck, the two as sweet and cordial as pony-petting cousins:

Wow, he even gave Mark a winky face. Adorable. A tween-influencer, possible billionaire, and sweetheart. But then what's up with those statements to Forbes? The mag is ticked, and published its tape recorder transcript with Snapchat's boy king:

Spiegel: So Mark sends an email to my personal email. Like, how would he know that right? And it's like, "Hey we're interested in what you're doing. Would love to meet you or whatever."

And we're like, "You know we're working in LA, you know, thank you. You know, let us know if you come to LA."

Colao: That's awesome.

Emphasis added, coolness fabricated. Evan, I know you're still new at this, but if you're going to act like the James Dean of Silicon Valley, don't self-release a screenshot that makes it look like you work at a petting zoo. You can't be both the swaggering Los Angeles anti-Zuck, and the guy who blows emoticon kisses at him the first time you ever swap emails. Wait for the Hollywood version of your story to make a distorted persona for you—or just use the perfectly fine obnoxious one you've already got.

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