Julie Ann Horvath, an outspoken and well-known engineer at GitHub, a mega-successful social network for coders, says a toxic workplace forced her out. She's telling her story of harassment on Twitter, right now.

Horvath seems to have been spurred by a post on Secret, apparently by an anonymous coworker, accusing her of "raging against professional criticism" at GitHub:

Horvath has been railing against GitHub—albeit in only vague terms—since last night:

Horvath hasn't explained who exactly these "predators and harassers" are, or what exactly they did to her (other than prey and harass, presumably), but she says she's "done keeping quiet and will be writing about my experiences soon." For GitHub, a company with $100 million in prominent venture capital funding, an enormous public reputation, and a confused history of promoting startup "meritocracy," Horvath's story is putting a lot on the line.

I've asked GitHub for comment, and will update if they get back to me.