It's unclear if this forthcoming title will be made out of repurposed yoga mats and glitter, but Brit Morin, Silicon Valley's most accomplished daycare instructor and DIY auteur, will be a published author. Watch out, Randi: there's a new literary star in town.

Publishers Weekly has the news:

Founder & CEO of Brit + Co. Brit Morin's HOMEMAKERS, teaches the new generation of modern "homemakers" how to use technology to enhance creativity, to Lisa Sharkey and Amy Bendell at William Morrow, by Margaret Riley King at William Morris Endeavor (NA)

Coupling Brit's regressive ideal of women as Bluetooth-enabled homemakers with her love of plagiarism, the book will probably just be a printed-out copy of her website. Ideas like "Easy DIY LED Headbands for Halloween" and "Fastest Way to Dye a Tote." Or "7 DIY Ways to Trick Out Your Headphones." You know, the kind of stuff that nets you millions of venture capital dollars.

Read the full proposal, first spotted by Betabeat, below: