Well, if you're going to be awful, at least be awfully honest. Or something. Or, maybe think twice before hopping off the Google Bus as it's surrounded by protestors and saying "Why don't you go to a city where you can afford it? This is a city for the right people." Update: This was probably staged.

Update: It looks like this was the work of a local labor organizer, pretending to be a Google employee:

The San Francisco Bay Guardian captured this almost comedically repulsive exchange between private shuttle protestors and a man who personifies almost every single thing worth protesting:

In the video, a Google employee who hopped off the bus shouts down Erin McElroy, a protester who also heads the eviction mapping project. "How long have you lived in this city?" McElroy asked him. He shouted back "Why don't you go to a city that can afford it? This is a city for the right people who can afford it. You can't afford it? You can leave. I'm sorry, get a better job."

Everyone at that protest needs to stop whining about city spending, infrastructure, homelessness, affordable housing, and gentrification, and then Uber home and learn to code, pronto.