The man with one of the most recognizable faces in tech (behind the most recognizable homepage in history) has split from his wife of six years, 23andMe co-founder Anne Wojcicki, AllThingsD reports. Surprise: he's been dating a Google underling.

It sounds like Wojcicki wasn't quite as liberal-minded as Eric Schmidt's wife:

Brin has become romantically involved with a Google employee, according to sources. This is further complicated by the fact that that employee had also at one point been involved with another Googler.

That's a very messy position for one of the most powerful tech figures in the world to find himself in, an ugly spilling-over of the bedroom and boardroom.

The couple's ties to the company go deep, says AllThingsD's Liz Gannes:

But there are other Google-related complications. Wojcicki’s sister, Susan, continues to be one of the top executives at Google, where she is SVP of advertising and commerce. Google’s first headquarters in its key formative days was located in her garage and she was one of the first hires by Brin and Page.

They've also been philanthropic heavyweights, a la Marc Andreessen and his wife Laura. But while Marc and Laura have been making some very contrived public shows of internet affection lately, the report by Gannes and Kara Swisher doesn't show a good outlook for the Google couple:

A spokesman for Brin and Wojcicki confirmed that “they have been living apart for several months. They remain good friends and partners.”

And yes, they'd signed a prenup.

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