One good reason to avoid buying a $1,500 privacy-degrading headset is that people will hate you because of it. Another good reason is that you might get threatened with a stun device and robbed. reports a patron of On The Waterfront Cafe in Venice Beach got his laptop and face computer jacked last night by two assailants—one brandishing a taser. Maybe they thought a powerful electrical shock was the only way to incapacitate a cyborg, undaunted by man-fists or bullets? Either way, it couldn't have come at a worse time for Google or its skull-PC adherents: yesterday marked the first sale of Glass to the general public, and comes after two high profile incidents of aggression against Glass wearers.

One can assume a significant volume of potential Glass buyers don't care about being mocked and despised in public. But if they start fearing electrocution and theft, Google might need a new PR strategy.

Photo: Google