If Google Glass gets you thrown out of a bar, how will onlookers respond when someone wearing a Google Cartographer thuds by them in the hall? This week the company revealed its plan to bring Street View's prying eyes inside buildings through a backpack called the Cartographer.

Google has already been using a backpack called the Trekker, which includes Street View camera, to map Mother Nature, as you can see in this bucolic short film of a people savoring the wild with a trusty green soccer ball.

The Cartographer also has its advanced elements, including Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) technology, which helps explore unknown areas. Google explains:

As the backpack-wearer walks through a building, SLAM technology generates the floor plan in real time and displays it on an Android tablet connected to the backpack's computer. The wearer can then add points of interest on the go, such as a T-rex replica in a museum. As fast as you can walk, you can map with Cartographer—so you can create floor plans for a 39-story building, like the San Francisco Marriott Marquis hotel, in just a few hours!

Google Maps users will, no doubt, be just as grateful to find their destination within a building as they have on the road. Just make sure get paid if Google sniffs your Wifi in the process.

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[Image via Google]