Jason Goldberg and Bradford Shellhammer did something rare: they built Fab, a shopping website that's standing out from the other trillion shopping websites. Sales are up, and judging by the pictures they post of their fabulous lives, egos are up too. This is conspicuous consumption at its bubble best.

Goldberg has never much for subtlety—this is the same guy who appeared in a slew of shirtless, packed, gay cruise vacation shots. But with newfound success (at least on paper), Jason and his (business) partner Bradford are spending (and sharing proof online) like the boom is as real as the bookends they sell, and the revenue is never going to stop spiking. Who cares if they're actually making serious money? Spend the change you want to see in the world.

So what's it like to run a startup people actually like? You get to do fun things like hitch a ride to Tokyo in a helicopter.

Or a luxury convertible BMW selfie, for when Jason can't get chopper transit.

Bradford loves the helicopter life, too.

Now, nobody goes into the startup biz for any reason beyond making money—don't listen to David Karp. And as far as these two are concerned, they've made it (on paper). This is what success looks like, short of actually going public and making any verifiable profit. But for now, the Fab boys are riding (or flying) high, and while they're up, they're going to let all of their friends know, one JPEG at a time.

How else are they spending? At least part of the answer can be found on their wide open Facebook and Instagram accounts. So let's dig. Share your favorite below—the winner gets a jar of caviar.

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